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Frequently Asked Questions

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Thank you for checking here and conducting your own research eg. Google before contatcting me via email.


While I am always happy to answer questions, my personal trading is my #1 priority and consequently emails and social media communications are limited.

I DO NOT provide financial advice, courses, coaching, trade signals or money managing services etc.  Everyone’s station in life is different, so what is a lot of money to one person, may not be to another.  Everyone has different lifestyles, risk tolerance, available time to trade, residency jurisdictions etc, therefore it is very hard for me to give very specific advice to each individual.   This includes advice regarding how much you would need in a brokerage account to make a living from trading or how many pips per week/month you need.  I can’t answer these questions because like I said, everyone is different and I don’t know you well enough to give you that advice.

In my JAGfx FACEBOOK GROUP I do call a number of trades with the majority of these being conducted on a live trading account.  I make every effort to call these trades before the fact or as close to the actual signal as possible.  I do take high-risk trades and these trade calls are not intended to be a trade signal service, but more of an educational tool so you can understand my trading methods.  If you do follow my trades, you do so at your own risk and I would strongly suggest you do your own trade analysis and make your own trading decisions. Don’t follow me blindly as that is not the point of the Facebook Group.

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