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Jim Brown of JAGfx

Jim Brown

Forex Trader, Mentor, Author and EA Designer

Get to know me...

Greetings fellow traders!

I have been actively trading since 2002 and have been a full-time trader since 2015, while residing in South East Asia. During my downtime, I authored three books about trading, which provide valuable insights into my successful trading methods. Although I primarily trade Forex, my methods can be applied to any trading instrument, on any timeframe.

Nowadays, brokers are offering more instruments than ever before, especially with platforms like MT5 and TradingView. As a result, traders have access to a diverse range of trading options, including stocks, crypto, indexes, metals, commodities, futures, and more. As a seasoned trader, I'm excited to share my trading ideas and strategies with you. If you find something you like, feel free to adapt it and make it your own.

Join me on any of my social media sites where I actively post daily trade setups and weekly YouTube videos. I maintain a watch list based on the daily time frame, where I call trade setups in real-time, not after the fact. I also share trade screenshots and provide an overview of these trades in my weekend videos. I believe transparency is key, and over the years, I have called hundreds, if not over a thousand trades, dating back to early 2017. As an active member of these sites, I'm always available to answer any questions you may have, or to chat about anything trading-related.

Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and Twitter, or check out my weekly YouTube videos. I also invite you to join my Family Man Trading Discord Channel. Simply send me an email for the invite link, as it is only valid for a short time before it changes.


Telegram Discussion Group


Family Man Trading Discord Channel -  send an email to me for the invite link as it is only valid for a short time before it changes


I'm passionate about trading and helping others succeed in the market. My aim is to provide valuable insights and resources to help you learn and grow as a trader.


The JAGfx Team

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