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Jim Brown

Forex Trader, Mentor, Author and EA Designer


Hey fellow traders,


I have been trading since 2002 and full-time since 2015 while living in South East Asia.  During my downtime, I wrote three books about trading and even though I’m more of an FX trader, the same trading methods can be applied to any trading instrument on any time frame. These days more brokers are offering more instruments, especially MT5 and TradingView, so the choices are becoming far greater, whether that be stocks, crypto, indexes, metals, commodities, futures etc. And like I always say, have a look at my trading ideas, and if you like what you see, take them and make them your own.

You are welcome to join any JAGfx social media sites where I am active nearly every day and have been for several years calling daily trade setups and also doing my weekly YouTube videos. These also help me stay on task, so it is a win-win for all parties. I have a watch list based on the daily time frame where I call trade setups at the time and not after the fact, and then manage those trades for all to see. Trade screenshots are also taken and shared, with an overview of these trades carried out on the weekend video. All very transparent with hundreds, if not over a thousand trades called, dating back to early 2017. And as I am very active on those sites, I am more than happy to answer any questions anyone may have or even just chat about anything trading related.


Telegram Discussion Group


Family Man Trading Discord Channel -  send an email to me for the invite link as it is only valid for a short time before it changes


All the best with your trading.


The JAGfx Team

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